Desert Festival Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer The “Golden City Of India” known primarily for Its Mighty Gold coloured Sand Stone fortress “Sonar Qila” perched on top of the Trikuta hill with its 99 Bastions was built in the 12th Century and was named Jaisalmer after its founder Maharawal Jaisal of the Bhati clan of Rajputs. Jaisalmer was Located strategically on the caravan routes to Afganistan and Central Asia and the rulers of Jaisalmer prospered by collecting levies and tributes in silk, gemstones, opium and gold from all the passing caravans.
The traders and rulers of Jaisalmer were rich and prosperous and constructed for themselves beautiful and grand “Havelis” & Palaces. Carved and built by master stone smiths and sculptors from the locally abundant gold hued Jaisalmer sand stone. With the discovery of sea routes and popularity of the seaports at Bombay & Surat the Popularity of the land route & Jaisalmer diminished.
However even today the Golden Fortress of Jaisalmer with its intricately, elaborate and exquisitely carved Palaces, Temples and Haveli’s stands tall, reminiscent of the past grandeur and the rich heritage of this desert outpost in the Indian Thar desert. The Jaisalmer fort is a living fort and even today its markets, haveli’s ,houses are inhabited by artisans, merchants and families most of whom have been living here for generations.
Jaisalmer hosts the annual Desert Festival which is more popularly known as the Jaisalmer Desert festival in the month of February every year. The next Jaisalmer Desert festival is scheduled to be held between  February 2014. Please contact us to help you plan your visit to Jaisalmer during the Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2014. We can also plan your tour of Rajasthan or other places of interest in India.